Shrink my fat belly – one man’s journey to lose belly fat and shrink my fat belly.

I’m no guru. I don’t run a gym. I don’t sell weight loss supplements or training programs. I’m just a guy who hit middle age after a long and successful career as a “beer league athlete” who looked at my waist and realized that I’m not that young stud any more.

And now that my knees are shot, my back aches and my metabolism has disappeared, I put on quite a few inches around my middle. This is about getting back in shape after age 50 – after high level competition – after hormonal changes have caught up to me.

Here are a few things I know…

  • Losing fat is harder once you get past a “certain age”
  • Certain hormones – testosterone in particular – drop around the same time. This means muscle turns to fat much quicker and it’s a lot more difficult to put on muscle
  • All those minor injuries us weekend athletes endure while we’re young can make it even more difficult to get into shape. We’re working against the past as well as our current conditions
  • Even though these can have a negative effect on how long it takes to lose fat and shrink our fat bellies, it’s STILL possible to improve your fitness levels and drop the fat if you know what you’re doing!
I’ll be sharing the best fat loss tips, strategies and techniques on this site. And sometimes recommending products or programs that can help you with your quest to lose weight, gain muscle and shrink your fat belly.
Start on your road to lose fat with me here.
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